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Combine your holidays with a creative and artistic activity. In the magical location of Delphi, the “Navel of the world”, surrender yourselves to the joys of creativity. Make a vase with your own hands and learn about the laws, forms and aesthetic principles governing an artform that is thousands of years old and has helped shape modern aesthetics and western culture.

view from Delphi

view from Delphi

The Polytropon workshop organizes a limited number of courses in ancient Greek ceramics annually. Lessons take place at the workshop and are open to anyone interested in learning about Greek ceramics, from beginners to advanced ceramists.

shaping demonstration

At our workshop we firmly believe that knowedge which remains theoretical is at best only superficial. For this reason, our lessons combine theory with practice. At Polytropon, students come into direct contact with clay, learn how to prepare raw materials, how to work a pottery wheel and fashion their own objects. Students also learn how to illustrate their ceramics and finally experience the firing of a kiln. This hands-on experience allows participants to better understand and assess both the technique and the artform.

The end result of this learning experience is knowledge which accompanies students long after they have completed the workshop, either as an indelible memory or as a starting point for further pursuits in ceramics.

The duration of the course is five days and groups are small in size (up to 8 students). The format of the course ensures that enough time is set aside to present a complete picture of the art while providing continuous guidance and intensive supervision for participants.


Chronologically, the curriculum of our courses follows the natural order of the process by which ceramics are created. The necessary free time between the different steps is filled by excursions to the enchanting locations of Delphi and Parnassos and educational trips to the archaeological sites of the Temple of Apollo – where the famous Oracle of Delphi is located – the dome of Pronaia Athena and to the Dephi Archaeological Museum, to study authentic ceramic artifacts.

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