Polytropon Art at Delphi, Greece. Welcome to our site

Polytropon Art at Delphi, Greece. Welcome to our site.

the workshop. Polytropon Art at Delphi, Greece. Welcome to our site

The Polytropon workshop of ceramics and arts was founded 30 years ago and is located in Delphi, Fokida, an area referred to since ancient times as the «Navel of the Earth». The founder and driving force of the establishment is Aristotelis Zisimos. His artistic flair is expressed in a variety of ways, but as he has claimed, his prefered medium is ceramics.

the artist

Aristotelis Zisimos was born in Delphi. From an early age he took up drawing and later found himself fascinated by ceramics. Working professionally in these two artforms after 1980 came naturally. In 1982, he established his workshop in Delphi and has since continued to produce both ceramics and drawings while also exploring other artforms.

view from Delphi

Polytropon Art workshop evolved into its present form after years of personal explorations in the arts and especially in ancient Greek pottery. Over the last fifteen years, the charm of ancient ceramics and the magical world created by the depictions of mythical and historical subjects – whether on a simple chalice or a decorative amphora – has led him to focus almost exclusively on the recreation of ancient Greek ceramics, especially vases in the style of the red-figure technique.

Polytropon Art at Delphi, Greece. Welcome to our site

His approach has involved taking special care and paying attention to detail, to ensure authenticity of every aspect, including the materials used and their preparation, the initial treatment and shaping of the vases, selection and implementation of illustrations and firing of the finished product.

The result is authentic and diverse works, that are simultaneously decorative and useful everyday objects, since the raw materials used to construct them are completely natural, non toxic and are food safe.

Our ceramics are illustrated with carefully selected themes that are faithful to original works of ancient Greece and bear all the characteristics of ancient Greek ceramics, which are exhibited in some of the world’s most popular museums today. They are admired for their expressiveness and subtlety, their gentle and airy depictions of movement and their attention to detail. These qualities serve to illustrate narratives with more profound and multi-layered meanings taken from mythology and history.

Our website will present a portion of our work and allow you to explore and traverse the marvelous lengths of Greek ceramics.