The area of Delphi – Amfissa or Salona

Amfissa or Salona

The town got its name from Amfissa who, according to myth, was a mistress of the god Apollo and the daughter of Macar, a son of Aeolus.


In 338 B.C., Amfissa was destroyed by Philip II of Macedonia who had been called upon by the Amphictyonic League during the Third Sacred War. He demolished the city and wrecked its acropolis as punishment because the Amfissians had cultivated land on the Crissaean plain, which belonged to Delphi and the Amphictyonic League.

During the 13th century A.D., the city was known as Salona. Its name most likely came from the Frank family de Chalons, members of which ruled the area.

Some sites worth visiting include:

• The Castle of Salona or Castle of Orias, as it was named by a Frank priest who governed Amfissa. It is said that he kidnapped the beautiful niece of the bishop Serafeim, locked her away in the castle and eventually killed her. The view from the castle, with the olive groves of Amfissa in the distance, is impressive.


• The old district of the leather tanners Charmaina, situated below the castle. You can walk around the cobblestone alleys where the city’s leather tanners and ropemakers once worked.


• The Annunciation Cathedral, in the center of town, with its famous murals by painter Spyros Papaloukas.

• The Archaeological Museum of Amfissa. The museum’s collection includes coins and archaeological findings from around the area of Phocis. This museum is small in size but definitely worth your time. (Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 08:00 – 14:30, Tel.: 22650 23344)

• The Municipal Library of Amfissa with over 40.000 volumes was founded in 1957 by the Students’ Union of Phocis and carries numerous rare publications.

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