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Greece // Getting there

By far the easiest way to get to Greece is to fly, and there are direct flights to a variety of Greek destinations from all major european airports. If your starting point is North America, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa, the most cost-effective way to Greece may well be to get to London – or Amsterdam, Frankfurt or another Northern European hub – and pick up an onward flight from there.

Athens and Thessaloníki handle the bulk of scheduled international flights. However, during tourism season, several charter and planned low-budget flights arrive daily from many European cities to many of the islands and smaller cities on the mainland.


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Getting in Greece by car. Greece can be entered by car from any of its land neighbours. The overland route through Italy now remains the most popular option. Ferries from the Italian port cities of Venice, Trieste, Ancona, Bari and Brindisi will transport cars to Greece.


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Getting to Delphi

by bus

The easiest way is to use the greek public bus service called KTEL. There are many buses per day connecting Athens to Delphi. In Athens are two main KTEL stations. The one you need is the KTEL station Liossion, located on 260 Liossion St. It is advisable to give KTEL station a call and check on timetables, as KTEL is not always updating web site on time. Timetable doesn’t really change, the one most likely to change from time to time is the latest 20.00 bus.

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by Taxi

The easiest and more comfortable way to get to Delphi is to get a taxi. Polytropon Art recommends this option and can arrange your transfer to Delphi in association with a local Delphi taxi. Contact directly the drivers via our form for more information and reservations.


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by car

A comfortable way to get to Delphi is to rent a car and drive from Athens to Delphi.The road trip from Athens to Delphi is about 3 hours.


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Passport and visa requirements

Greece is a member of the Schengen Agreement. There are no border controls between countries that have signed and implemented this treaty – the European Union (except Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and the United Kingdom), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Likewise, a visa granted for any Schengen member is valid in all other countries that have signed and implemented the treaty. But be careful: not all EU members have signed the Schengen treaty, and not all Schengen members are part of the European Union. This means that there may be spot customs checks but no immigration checks (travelling within Schengen but to/from a non-EU country) or you may have to clear immigration but not customs (travelling within the EU but to/from a non-Schengen country).


For citizens from E.U., USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand a visa IS NOT required


For detailed regulations applied to your country, refer to the Greek Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Weather in Greece

Despite its small size, Greece has a varied climate. Most of the country, including all coastal areas, enjoys a so-called Mediterranean climate, almost identical to much of California. Summers are hot and dry with a 7-month period of near-constant sunshine generally from April until November. The remainder of the year is characterized by a relatively cold, rainy period which generally starts sometime in November and lasts until late March or early April. Sporadic rains do occur during the dry season, but they tend to be rare, quick showers. The country’s Ionian Coast and Ionian Islands tend to receive more annual precipitation than the rest of the country. The islands in the southern Aegean and parts of the southeastern mainland are the driest areas of the country.

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