What is ceramics

What is Ceramics?

Known as an important plastic art, “Ceramics” (derived from Keramos, Greek for ”potter”s clay” refers to items made from clay bodies and fired in a kiln to obtain the finished form. Outside of art, due to new technological processes, the term ceramics now encompasses a wider group of materials, including glass and cements, so clay is no longer a key component.

ke-ra-me-we is the pronunciation this transcript of Linear B (the first Greek writing system used between the 14th and 12th century B.C.) and is meaning workers of ceramics.

Pottery or Ceramics?

In visual art, there is no difference between ceramics and pottery. Both denote the basic 4-step creative process of

1. forming (ie. shaping)


2. firing (baking in a kiln)


3. glazing/decorating (coating the object with a glaze, or applying to it various decorative techniques)


4. refiring (rebaking) to harden the glaze.

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